Meet Darlene Van Sickle

Darlene Lilacs.jpg

Darlene Van Sickle paints primarily in watercolor and acrylic. Her subjects are expressive creatures and bold still life’s.  Passionate about animals, Ms. Van Sickle imagines a conversation with an animal and strives to convey its spirit and personality through her paintings.   Darlene particularly enjoys designing compositions of groups of animals of a particular habitat or region she envisions as "friends."  Her Friends of the Adirondack series are a popular example.  Ms. Van Sickle also enjoys painting brightly colored, hardy flowers in still life’s arranged with meaningful objects from her home.  

 Ms. Van Sickle's paintings are often described as expressive and joyful.  Her paintings have been accepted at many juried art shows.  These include the 2019, 2018 and 2017 NYS Juried Summer and Winter Art Shows,  the 2018 Southern Vermont Center Juried Members Show, the 2018 Juried Cohoes Art Show, the 2017 Visions Juried Art Show, the 2017 and 2016 Juried Trask Art Shows at the Canfield Casino, the 2014 Juried Lake Placid Animals and Adirondacks Art Show and the 2014 Juried Buck Moon Arts Festival.  Ms. Van Sickle won the Best in Show Second Place award at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts juried 2018 NYS Winter Art Show for her mixed-media painting, A Tall Drink of Water.  Darlene also received the Mary Cleland third place Art Award at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts juried 2017 NYS Summer Art Show for her still life, Sunflowers & Tulips on the Patio Table.   

 Darlene Van Sickle is a member of the Southern Vermont Art Center, the Saratoga Arts Center, Sacandaga Valley Artists Network, and North Country Arts.  As a member, her work has been exhibited at each of their galleries.  She has also displayed at the Spring Street Gallery and several libraries in the region, including the Crandall Library, Saratoga Springs Library, Hadley-Luzerne Library, Greenwich Library, Waterford Library and the Northville Library.  Ms. Van Sickle will exhibit at the East Greenbush Library in March 2020.

 Darlene's "feel-good" paintings have been purchased by the Champlain Valley Physician's Hospital and sold at silent auctions and fundraisers for the Capital District Women's Bar Association, the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, and the Cohoes Art Show.  While most of Ms. Van Sickle's paintings have been purchased privately, she has also bartered her paintings for goods and services!

 Ms. Van Sickle was recently featured in the Ballston Spa Journal and the North Country Arts newsletter, noting that Darlene learned to watercolor in 2010 after her retirement from New York State government as a Principle Attorney.  Having had no formal training as an artist, Darlene is most appreciative of the watercolor instruction she received from her award-winning water media instructors, Betty O'Brien and Susan Wiley.  

 Always eager to learn, Darlene plans to do more watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media paintings in the future.  To see more of Darlene Van Sickle's art, you can visit her Facebook page at Darlene Van Sickle Fine Art@dvansickleART or email her at