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WorkSmart Converge

Join us for an informal social gathering as we foster opportunities to connect local college students, entrepreneurs, business owners and working professionals.

Everyone hits bumps in the road, no matter how smart, driven or successful they’ve been so far. Think about the bright high school student who struggles once they get to college, or the ambitious entrepreneur, slow to take off. Now take a minute to think back on your career, no matter how long or short it’s been. How did you get through those rough times when the future looked hazy and you were filled with self doubt?

WorkSmart Converge encourages sharing the challenges you have faced or are facing now, and imparting the lessons of experience with one another.

WorkSmart Converge is an interactive social gathering to spark discussion and connection so you can:

  • Offer & receive guidance and encouragement

  • Gain exposure to fresh ideas and approaches

  • Reflect on goals and practices

  • Identify emerging talent

  • Encourage a culture of growth and leadership

  • Find support for personal growth and professional development