Is Isolation Holding You Back?


Researchers are warning isolation experienced by mobile workers is more serious than just a feeling of loneliness. They indicate it’s becoming an increasingly common physical and behavioral risk. A recent Forbes article explains remote workers are experiencing three other types of isolation in addition to social isolation.

Since opening WorkSmart, coworking has enabled me to build relationships with a diverse group of people in a range of industries. It has reduced feelings of social loneliness, and allowed me to ask questions and collaborate with various professionals gathered in one space. As I have worked to overcome resource isolation it’s been rewarding to help others connect more easily to resources they need.

There is a significant overlap in feeling a sense of happiness and feeling a sense of meaning and purpose. Aristotle wrote that finding happiness and fulfillment is achieved “by loving rather than in being loved.” This growing community of mobile workers fosters a sense of happiness and well being as together we work, discover and share resources, and encourage and motivate each other.