Art encompasses a wide variety of media, and can affect everyone who sees it in one way or another. Displaying artwork at WorkSmart does more than make our space more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to increasing efficiency, productivity, and creativity among members, it allows us the chance to support local artists and welcome them into the WorkSmart community.

Beginning March 2, 2019 WorkSmart will be highlighting the works of local artist Gregg Figura.

Gregg Figura with Queensbury High School Student Isabella Hanchet

Gregg Figura with Queensbury High School Student Isabella Hanchet


Greg lives in Queensbury with his wife, Lynn and their dog... ,Chewy about 12 years old... the dog not Lynn!

He explains the inspiration for creating his exhibit, Hands2Peace by saying “In 2016, I was troubled by the condition of the world and it seemed that everything was going so very wrong.  I sat in my office and looked at my artwork and became quite sad that I had not contributed more to the world in expressing what I saw and felt.”

“ I wanted to make a difference and the only way I knew how to do that was to express myself through my created images and the story that people would see and feel through my art.  Some would see nothing, some would question what they were seeing and maybe some would be moved to feel more and see more deeply about our world and the part that we all play by our unique contribution - from each one of us.” 

“I would like to share my art to bring about social awareness and change to society and hope to make tomorrow… happen.”

Stop by WorkSmart to discover Greggs art.

To find out how you can apply to display your creations at WorkSmart, please call Christy at 518-480-7849