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Zachary M. Waite

Waite Perspectives, LLC
Business Systems Integrator

I’m Zach Waite and I’m an independent ERP Consultant specializing in the Odoo suite of business applications. Before delving into my startup business, I’ve worn a few different hats. I have a B.S. from Cornell University in Animal Science, with intentions of being an agribusiness owner, so I did a fair amount of coursework in entrepreneurship and such related topics there, and enough introduction to programming to whet my appetite.  After undergrad, I worked as a manager of a dairy farm in central NY for about a year, then followed my future wife to Minneapolis where she was going to grad school. Since there were no farms in the city, I ended up working my way up the ranks at the Minneapolis Grain Exchangewhere I worked in Market Regulation and did some very interesting work like auditing clearing brokers, reviewing trades for fraud and collusion and analyzing supplies of deliverable wheat relative to outstanding futures and options contracts. My heavy analytical workload there provided a nice incentive to build up my technical skillset and I was able to contribute to several important projects that were going on at the time, all while attending grad school in the evenings, getting married and moving . So, I stayed busy, but after five years, my wife and I decided to move back to NY and I would work in a part of my family’s business. Of course, if there’s any way to make your business career more challenging it’s to try to do it with a family, in a shrinking industry, nonetheless. With a growing family, we decided to start my own business, this time doing the type of technical and analytical work that I’m passionate about. 

I’ve been working with Odoo software for almost a year and am working into the Odoo official partner program. My core focus is integrating Odoo software into customer businesses to provide a complete and accurate picture of the current state of the business. This might mean configuring a system to track inventories, manufacturing processes and deliveries for a production company, or managing projects, appointments or human resources in a services company.  Common goals for a project are to replace tedious manual processes with automated tools and eliminate information silos by replacing or connecting legacy systems. I work closely with customers to obtain a deep understanding of the business and tailor practical custom solutions that provide immediate benefit but can be easily adapted as business needs change.


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